Illustrations pour le jeu de carte Légende des cinq anneaux,

Alderac Entertainment group

ART - Several samurai sit in kimonos in a geisha house, enjoying tea,
food, and sake while a geisha plays music.

Name: Mujina Cannon
Art - A evil shadowlands shugenja screams in pain as intense amounts of
power shoot from his hands.  In the wave of the blast we can see a
samurai (at least one) who is being quickly incenerated by the power
(though it need not look like fire).

Kitsu Ancestry


Art: A young female Kitsu shugenja gazes into a mirror, her fingers touching the surface. Her reflection wears a strange, feline mask. Transparent Kitsu spirits (these spirits resemble a cross between lions and men, with golden fur and reddish-gold eyes) stand beside her, but only in the reflection.

Action. A Pale, haggard looking woman sits on the floor, sipping deeply from a steaming cup. A smiling man in the robes of a Chuda shugenja stands looking on in approval.